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TEST BLOG MISSION KI – National initiative develops AI testing approaches and two AI centers

Strengths in AI research – and then? With the National Initiative on Artificial Intelligence and the Data Economy, the German government wants to support the growth of trustworthy, marketable AI applications in Germany. Today, the initiative announced a consortium that is developing uniform AI quality standards as the basis for a German AI seal of quality. The decision was also made to establish AI centers in Berlin and Kaiserslautern. The national initiative has been given a short name as a leverage project: “Mission KI”.

MISSION KI aims to increase Germany’s pace in the development of “AI Made in Germany”. Germany stands for quality, a strong industry and outstanding AI research – and should become a leader in the realization of quality-assured AI applications.

Quality seal takes AI out of the black box

Until now, AI has been seen by many as a black box: what exactly AI solutions do with data and, above all, how they arrive at their results and decisions often remains unclear. MISSION AI will develop and test AI quality and testing standards and define a voluntary AI seal of approval on this basis. To this end, the initiative is pooling the expertise of renowned standardization and testing organizations. Partners of the consortium are:

  • AI Quality & Testing Hub
  • Fraunhofer IAIS
  • PwC
  • TÜV AI Lab
  • VDE
  • CertifAI

The AI seal of approval creates the previously missing basis for private and industrial users to trust AI applications and use them with confidence. This strengthens the marketability of AI applications and thus the competitiveness of German companies.